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Floral Preservation

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We’re a Mother Daughter team, passionate about art! Our love of creativity is nothing new. We’ve been taking on projects together since Chelsea was 5 years old. From Jewelry making, to painting, to stained glass, we’ve dabbled in it all. It wasn’t until 2018 that we started experimenting with epoxy! We finally stumbled into floral preservation in 2019, absolutely fell in love, and haven’t looked back!

Something about floral preservation has really stuck with us. We adore the ability to save such precious and special memories in beautiful pieces of art. Whether they are wedding flowers, prom corsages, engagement blooms, or memorial florals, the memories are priceless. We want to give you something that you love, to remind you of the moments that mean the absolute most to you. So, we created KO Customs! Not only are we so fortunate to get to spend such a great amount of time together, we get to do something meaningful. We’re so happy that you’ve ended up here, on our site, reading our story! We hope that you’re as excited to work with us, as we are to work with you

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♡ Kathy & Chelsea


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